Why TiffinTalk cards?

Kat explains the power of talk, of face-to-face conversations, of the impact of real time connections.

TiffinTalk, Inc. has Advisory Boards for each of our product lines as well as another Board that focuses strictly on Business Strategy.

Prospective board members are chosen according to their ability to move the company forward in a positive manner. Interested prospective board members (or those who nominate them) are encouraged to contact Kat Rowan at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


parent child primaryA1 autumn week peek 7971 1096Above: our Parent - Child & Teen cards for Primary A (grades 1-3)


Whether you'd like a set of Child & Teen cards (seen at left), or Heart2Heart cards for couples, the Talking Across Generations paired set, or the FindingYourVoice cards, we will get you talking. TiffinTalk helps you connect through the power of talk and helps you talk through the power of face-to-face connections.

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