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So here's the story…

We were at the Psych Networker Conference in 2016, showing mental health professionals some of our cards that help parents and young children develop stronger relationships through conversations.

We would start our pitch this way: "You know how it goes: your child comes home from school, and you ask 'How was your day?' and they say, 'Fine.' and that's the end of the conversation…"

And at that point, the psychologist or counselor or therapist would lean in close and whisper, "Do you have something for couples? My spouse does exactly the same thing!"

A year later we went back to Psych Networker with a few samples of what would be our Heart2Heart cards, and it was our most popular single product. We offered a $36 pre-order price, and since we're too busy to change the price on our store, you can get the same deal: $36 for 69 cards that are meant to build a stronger relationship between you and somebody you love.

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