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The answer: Tech Off. Talk On.

It’s a short list of questions. And the truth is, we had to come up with them ourselves because we don't have a lot of frequently asked questions – not yet, anyway. What do YOU want to know about us? Contact us and we'll be in touch.


Is talk really that important?

More and more and more so. There are so many research studies backing this up now that it is impossible to list them all. But the studies show that the decline in voiced face-to-face conversations and the increase in the interruptions and distractions of technology is affecting not just our relationships but our physical, mental, and emotional health – all in negative ways.

Who is TiffinTalk?

If you mean who is behind TiffinTalk, that would be me, Kat Rowan, and my business partner, Dr. Michael Friesen, who thought this would be a simple project (HA!) . Check out our bios on the About page. Behind us you'll find our Intern of Everything, an Advisory Board, and a lot of contributors.

Where are TiffinTalk's headquarters?

TiffinTalk is operating out of my living room (shelving has replaced couches so that sitting is no longer an option); dining room (the once-upon-a-time-dining table is now an assembly table; it is confused by food . . . ); foyer (boxes not yet shelved have been deemed an entryway (in-your-way) art installment entitled "The Welcoming Arrangement of the Real Life of the Entrepreneur" aka "The Mess Not Yet Put Away"); and just about every nook and available cranny and closet space.

We are currently located in Glen Mills, PA USA. We share space with teens and cats and service dog-still-puppy. It’s a dance. We create pathways. The cats are amused and confused. The puppy loves everything and everyone. She has no clue what a real house looks like and reminds us about the "home" in home-based business. 

What's in the box?

  1. Parent - Child & Teen
    Pick 1 of 5 age ranges and then 1 of the 4 seasons (From Preschool through High School, there are a total of 16 years of cards. That’s 64 sets . . .  4160 different cards with over 700 different themes in total!) In every seasonal box or refill set, you will find:
    1. Welcome Card
    2. "How to TiffinTalk" Card
    3. 3 Summary Cards with helpful hints for the user about each of the 13 themed weeks
    4. 12 individually themed weeks of 5 cards each (Monday through Friday) plus 1 week of 5 blank cards (65 cards total)
    5. A simply styled-meant-to-be-kid-decorated magnetic lid box that can be refilled with another season/year
  2. FindingYourVoice
    Pick from 1 of the 4 age ranges (Teen, Preteen, Young Adult, Adult) and then 1 of the numerous themes that applies to the issues that you work with most in your practice. East themed boxed set includes: 
    1. Welcome Card
    2. "How to TiffinTalk" Card
    3. Register/Index Card (provides a review of the content available and an ability to track which client received which card and when)
    4. 5 each of 12 cards for the theme and age range chosen plus 5 blank cards
    5. A simply styled magnetic lid box that quite purposefully does NOT announce the theme / contents; the box can be refilled with any other set of FYV cards
  3. Talking Across Generations (TAG)
    This set actually includes 2 sets of paired cards which are boxed for each participant. Both boxed sets include:
    1. Welcome Card
    2. "How to TiffinTalk" Card for each boxed set.
    3. 60 cards, featuring 58 paired questions (plus 2 blank cards per box), such that giver and receiver can exchange cards with similar, but generationally different content.
    4. Pair of simply styled magnetic lid boxes

What's a Tiffin?

A "tiffin" is a multi-tiered food carrier commonly used for lunches in India and an Indian English word for a mid-day meal. 

We called the company "TiffinTalk" for three reasons: to show our intention to make globally-relevant products; to show that we're much more than just "lunch notes"; and to have a name that is delightfully alliterative, melodic, and rhythmic: "TiffinTalk"!


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