Matiko Mamaladze

Artist - Heart2Heart

We fell in love with Matiko's "romance art" the moment we saw her work, and we are so honored that she created a whole set of original line art drawings in her inimitable style just for Heart2Heart.

Matiko Mamaladze creates art. She also teaches it, feels it, breathes it, dreams it, and finds herself in it. Raised in a family as richly saturated in art as her paintings are in color, this passion was almost inevitable. Her works are enchanting on many levels; they depict beautiful, emotionally vivid stories, played out by characters that masterfully draw empathy from the viewer. Even when she isn’t holding a palette and brush (or just as often, a palette knife), Matiko is immersed in her unique perception of the world – a perception that almost always finds its way onto her canvases. You can see more of her art at

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