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FindingYourVoice - Grief - PREORDER

This is a pre-order product at 30% off! It is only available in "boxed" form.

These TiffinTalk FindingYourVoice cards are written to address the issues, questions, and emotions surrounding Grief. The cards are specifically tailored to your clients ages 8-12 (Preteen), ages 10-16 (Teen), ages 14-21 (Young Adult), or ages 20-120 (Adult); you choose the age group(s).

Your set of FindingYourVoice cards has five copies each of 12 different cards prompting thoughtful, positive conversations around the topic of grief. Also included are five blank cards as well as a convenient 'register' card to track which cards have been given to which clients and when. With attractive photographs on the card fronts, the inside features plenty of space for you to address the card to your client and sign it while adding a personal message specific to the content and to the work that your client is doing in therapy.

TiffinTalk's FindingYourVoice cards are sold with a custom-designed box built to contain the TiffinTalk cards. The box may be reused as you reorder additional sets of FindingYourVoice cards.

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