Why FindingYourVoice? Kat explains the power of personalized cards when given by a mental health professional in a private practice or school setting to a client or student. TiffinTalk cards build trust and develop the emotional strength that comes in finding one's voice.

TiffinTalk Child & Teen

TiffinTalk helps parents talk with their children. Face-to-face.

TiffinTalk’s Child & Teen cards prompt the return of focused time together. Adult-child. One-on-one. The cards provide thought-provoking, open-ended questions that prompt meaningful conversations – no matter what the age of your child. You will be fascinated by your child’s creativity, inventiveness, and thoughtfulness.


Extending the power of your practice beyond the clinical hour. Your time with your patients and clients is limited, but you can powerfully affect them even when you are not in session.

TAG - Talking Across Generations

Here you are, a grown adult, talking to one of your parents (or your in-laws), and it strikes you that you really don't know who this person is. It seems absurd, because you've known him or her all your life (or through your partner). But for most adult children and their parents, the strict roles (and rules) of their parent-child relationship can make it difficult for each person to see the other as a person, aside from their perspective as child or parent.

More FYV Themes

All of TiffinTalk’s cards are original content. At present, we have the following stock available:

Below is a list of pending themes and subthemes. Note: items with an asterisk are not available for all age groups (Preteen, Teen, Young Adult, and Adult).

At this time, stocked availability includes only those in green text. However, cards are available for any of the sets listed and we are moving each set into production as quickly as possible and depending upon order quantities. Please note that we update our inventory frequently and may be able to adjust scheduled print runs pending your request. So please call Michael or Kat (610 299 1107) or email info@tiffintalk.com. We are happy to discuss the turnaround time on any theme/subtheme that you need or create an entirely new topic for your clientele.

  • Abuse (Each card addresses the abuse of the client; for cards addressing the abuse of someone close to your client, please call 610 299 1107 for more information)
    • Emotional Abuse
    • Financial Abuse*
    • Physical Abuse
    • Sexual Abuse
    • General: Knowing the Abuser
    • General: Not Knowing the Abuser
    • General: Long Term Abuse
  • Addiction
    • Alcohol
    • Drugs
    • Exercise
    • Gambling
    • General, Your Own
    • General, Someone You Care About
    • Self Harm – for either gender who struggle with issues regarding self harm
    • Sex
    • Technology
    • Work*
  • Aging
    • Physical and Emotional Health, Your Friend
    • Physical and Emotional Health, Your Own*
    • Physical and Emotional Health, Your Partner*
    • Physical and Emotional Health, Your Parent
  • Divorce
    • Friends
    • Your Own*
    • Your Parents
  • Employment
    • Financial Stress
    • Retirement, Parent
    • Retirement, Partner*
    • Retirement, Self*
    • Unemployment, Parent
    • Unemployment, Partner*
    • Unemployment, Self
  • Grief (Some grief cards can be changed from “Death” to “Loss” (as in when someone lives but has disconnected themselves completely; call 610-299-1107 for more information.)
    • Death of a Child*
    • Death of a Colleague*
    • Death of a Friend
    • Death of a Sibling
    • Death of a Partner*
    • Death of a Pet
    • General: Sadness vs (and?) Grief
  • Mental Health (each set applies to the client’s mental health but can be adapted to a client dealing with a friend, family member or partner’s diagnosis – please call for more information, 610 299 1107)
    • Anxiety
    • Bipolar
    • Body Dysphoria
    • Depression
    • Dissociative Identity Disorder
    • PTSD
    • Schizophrenia
  • Sexuality
    • Identifying/Accepting Your Own Sexuality
    • Identifying/Accepting Your Child’s Sexuality
  • Terminal Illness
    • Of a Child
    • Of a Friend
    • Of a Parent
    • Of a Partner*
    • Of a Relative

* Theme/Subtheme may not be available to all age groups.

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