Kat explains the impact talk has across the generational divide between adult children and senior parents: we are both grown-ups now. Talking Across Generations cards provides the bridge to conversations.

To talk with you today is know you forever.

Talking Across Generations

TiffinTalk cards make conversations easy – even across the great generational divide.


Because they help level the playing field – that is they help us remember that as adult children and senior parents we are both grown-ups with profound experiences, some that we have in common and some that we don't. 

With in-laws and parents moving back home (or grown adults moving back in with their parents), we need opportunities that create conversations beyond "How was your day/meeting/doctor appointment?" . . .  Answer: "Fine."

The honest and hard to admit truth is that time is not endless. The memories of yesterday and the stories of today and the wishes for tomorrows need to be shared. Now. 

That is why TiffinTalk has the Talking Across Generations line of cards.

2 boxes: One box of cards for the senior parent to give their adult child; a second box with the paired cards for the adult child to give to their senior parent. Same themes, similar cards but generational content. All cards are meant to be personalized – of course. TiffinTalk is not a game. We believe that connection and conversation go hand-in-hand and are meant to be face-to-face, whenever possible.

Each box contain 60 cards, for use when the mood strikes. Simply take the next card out, address and sign it and include a personal note. Make a lunch date. Create a few moments to talk before the grandparents come by to babysit. Or, mail the card (we sell envelopes separately) and make a Skype date. Where, when, and how often you talk is up to you. But when you get a card, just know that you are likely to hear "TAG! You're it!!" Send back the pair to the card or be rebellious and choose an entirely different card from your box. There are no rules – except to make it personal and take 15 minute to talk because TiffinTalk knows that our todays are limited and believes: "To talk with you today is to know you forever."



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I didn't know who my mother-in-law really was when she moved in. These cards have helped us both.  (SP, daughter-in-law)

I was already talking with my kids. But they are so busy with their own lives. TiffinTalk reminds us to make time. So worth it!  (TN, grandmother)

After my father died, I realized how little I knew about my mother. I wanted the stories, but it was hard to get started. TiffinTalk helped.  (HA, son, Canada)

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