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TiffinTalk helps parents talk with their children. Face-to-face.

TiffinTalk’s Child & Teen cards prompt the return of focused time together. Adult-child. One-on-one. The cards provide thought-provoking, open-ended questions that prompt meaningful conversations – no matter what the age of your child. You will be fascinated by your child’s creativity, inventiveness, and thoughtfulness.

Most content is in the form of a question that prompts conversation. The themed weeks cover a wide range of topics from silly to serious, from thoughtful to imaginative – all intended to improve your child’s creative and critical thinking skills without them even knowing! The objective is to build a repertoire of conversation with your child, to normalize talking together on all subjects so that your child learns to trust that you are the person they can talk to about ANYTHING; whether they are 6 or 16, they begin to learn that you will help them to find the answers, that you will listen with intention.

Over 4000 cards. Preschool through High School and no content is repeated. Turns out that there is lots to talk about and it’s never too late to start!

So many gifts in these cards. So many gifts in your conversations. Ultimately, you are building a stronger relationship with your child that every parent needs, wants and dreams of.

Talking Across Generations

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