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Here you are, a grown adult, talking to one of your parents (or your in-laws), and it strikes you that you really don't know who this person is. It seems absurd, because you've known him or her all your life (or through your partner). But for most adult children and their parents, the strict roles (and rules) of their parent-child relationship can make it difficult for each person to see the other as a person, aside from their perspective as child or parent.

Or maybe you are the parent. Your child is always your child but no longer a young child. They are grown -- perhaps in college, perhaps starting a family or a new career, perhaps well on their way into middle age and cresting the proverbial hill. They are busy running around. It’s hard to keep up with all that is going on in the present much less talk about their future and yours and the parts of your past that you want to be sure that they know …

That's where TiffinTalk’s Talking Across Generations (TAG) cards can help.

Sold in sets of 60 pairs, Talking Across Generations cards will help you engage your senior parent or your adult child in meaningful, one-on-one conversations. These cards were specifically designed to strengthen (or establish) relationships across older, mature generations. Covering a wide range of topics – from the light-hearted to the serious – the cards will encourage both sides to step out of their biological roles and start to appreciate each other as complex, flawed, wonderful, and ultimately real human beings.

Perhaps most importantly, Talking Across Generation cards will make it easier for both senior parents and their adult children to address difficult end-of-life questions. By normalizing conversations and building a strong, honest base of communications, users of TAG will have a gentle helping hand to prompt dialog on questions that should not be left unanswered.

Talking Across Generations

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