Extending the power of your practice beyond the clinical hour. Your time with your patients and clients is limited, but you can powerfully affect them even when you are not in session.

TiffinTalk “FindingYourVoice” cards address specific topics that may be confounding your clients, with ideas and questions that are designed to help them find their own voices. Combined with even the shortest of notes from you, the FindingYourVoice card is an encouragement from you -- encouragement for your client to find the strength to think about some aspect of their experience on their own time, in a comfortable place and unhurried time. Your personalized note elevates the card to a personally meaningful message of care and concern. Without exposing yourself or your client to complicated personal entanglements, the tiffinTalk card allows you to reach beyond your session and into the daily life of your client in a way that stretches your positive impact into the heart of your client's daily experience.

TiffinTalk FindingYourVoice cards are custom-written to address essential themes from the unique perspectives of three age groups: pre-teen children, teens, and adults. Each set of cards has five copies each of 12 different cards, as well as a handy 'register' card to track which cards have been given to which clients. See the chart below to confirm that a theme is available for the card theme and age range(s) of your clients.

TiffinTalk FindingYourVoice cards are sold with an optional storage box that has been custom-designed and built to hold the TiffinTalk cards.

Talking Across Generations

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