Why TiffinTalk cards?

Kat explains the power of talk, of face-to-face conversations, of the impact of real time connections.


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Child & Teen

TiffinTalk5For moms, dads, grandparents, foster parents, guardians, educators . . .

For anyone who wants a conversation that does not sound like this:

Adult: How was your day?
Child/Teen: Fine.
A: What did you do in class today?
C/T: Dunno.
A: What did you learn today?
C/T: Nothin'.

We've got your back. And you've got their eyes, their ears, and their full-on attention with fun and engaging personalized cards that create conversations that even you can enjoy.

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fyv therapist client talking 39458637 mFor mental health professionals and school guidance counselors and advisors . . .

FindingYourVoice cards are for professionals who help heal emotional wounds. The simplicity of a card can build trust by saying, "I am listening and I believe in your strengths." These cards encourage clients of all ages to continue their healing between sessions and help them to . . . find their voice.

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Talking Across Generations

picture of a senior man and his adult son talking and laughingFor adult children & senior parents . . .

Use Talking Across Generations cards to start the conversations that share the memories – both those hysterically funny times and the achingly serious moments, as well. And use them to create tomorrow's stories and to talk about the future – while there's still time to turn them into memories.

"To talk with you now is to know you forever."

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09 blue lace candles lipstick FullSizeRender 8 640x480For couples . . .

TiffinTalk's Heart2Heart cards can help lovers discover (or re-learn) just what turns their partner on. Each card has an attractive image on the front, a thought-provoking question inside -- with lots of room for a personal note -- and a fun romance-related fact on the back.

Tech off. Turn on!"

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parent child primaryA1 autumn week peek 7971 1096Above: our Parent - Child & Teen cards for Primary A (grades 1-3)


Whether you'd like a set of Child & Teen cards (seen at left), or Heart2Heart cards for couples, the Talking Across Generations paired set, or the FindingYourVoice cards, we will get you talking. TiffinTalk helps you connect through the power of talk and helps you talk through the power of face-to-face connections.

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